About Us

4 Dimension Auctions is an asset disposal company which provides custom solutions delivered in a professional manner to the specification of the customer.

4 Dimension Auctions boasts a team of managers and staff that have a combined experience of more than 50 years in the industry. It is this vast experience which allows us to introduce to the market new and innovative ideas and practices which directly benefit sellers and buyers alike.

We believe “no one knows or understands your business better than you do”, it is with this statement in mind that 4 Dimension Auctions approaches its dealings with sellers. It is this philosophy that directs us to work with our sellers to ensure that their requirements are included in the 4 Dimension Auctions project process.

Our core business is the disposal of assets on behalf of our sellers. Our belief is that we are in a partnership with our sellers to ensure that the seller receives the best value for their assets. To ensure that the relationship between ourselves and the seller is mutually beneficial, we do not directly or indirectly compete with our sellers in the market place.

Being a company of integrity, we ensure that all bidders attending an auction are given the best opportunity to purchase assets in an open and honest environment. We do not compete with bidders at our auctions which includes using various underhanded methods to try and boost the sales price of assets being sold.

We consider ourselves disposal professionals and because of this we believe that to advise the seller correctly we need to become an integral part of the disposal process, to be able to add value to the process ensuring that the assets being sold return the best value possible for the seller.

4 Dimension Auctions’ understanding of “time is money” is why we are always trying to improve our auctions to ensure that the buyer’s experience is obstacle free and that there is no wasted time spent attending our auctions.



4 Dimension is a forward-thinking company that integrates new innovative technologies that enhance our business efficiency and improves our delivery of services to our customers.

Where the technology we require exists we readily embrace this. If our technological demands are not able to be met using existing technologies, we make the necessary investment into the creation of these technologies.

Our team includes members that have the necessary expertise in implementing technology in the workplace to enhance productivity and ensure that the clients’ interaction with 4 Dimension Auctions is a simple and painless experience.