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Although we are based in Johannesburg, Gauteng, our staff are mobile and able to conduct auctions anywhere within the borders of South Africa, and in countries on the African continent. With our strategic alliances with brokers and agents within the various industries, we can provide our solutions in all provinces and areas within the borders of South Africa.


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We are proud members of the following local and international professional associations:



Project planning and management is another important facet of an auction sale. 4 Dimension Auctions' auction administrators are trained in project management to ensure that they have the necessary skills to ensure that the auction is completed on time and that all deliverables are achieved.



Successful movables auctions require the cataloguing process to be done properly. There are various strategies around the layout of assets for an auction which we implement to get the best result.

In the new age of online auctions, cataloguing has taken on a new and more important role in that the catalogue is what sells the assets. To ensure that we give the buyer the power to make a purchasing decision, we have implemented new systems and processes to ensure that our catalogues are of the highest standard within the industry.



4 Dimension Auctions has developed a substantial list of asset enhancement services which are selectively implemented at every auction.

Our asset enhancement services are designed to enhance the value of the assets being sold and can be customised around a sellers’ requirement, where the seller wishes to enhance the value of the assets in a specific way.



For efficient and effective live onsite auctions, we have developed a proprietary Auction Clerking System that facilitates fast and efficient handling of the auction administration process and the post auction reporting.

In the age of the internet and online purchasing and realising that this new way of doing business had to be embraced, 4 Dimension Auctions investigated various online platforms to identify the platform that would best fit our operating environment.

We have invested in a new online technology which works together with our smartphone app. This makes bidding easier for the bidder. It also allows the user of the app to receive notifications about our upcoming auctions and real-time details of auctions that are currently underway.

We have invested in a comprehensive asset tracking system to allow us to monitor and manage the assets that are placed into our care for storage or disposal.

Disposal Methods

Live Onsite Auction

  • Ballroom Auction
  • Closed “by invitation only” Auction
  • Catalogue Auction
  • Live Online Auction
  • Online Timed Auction
  • Online Listing
  • Closed Tender Auction
  • Private Treaty Sales



To execute our mandate of the disposal of assets for the seller, we rely on two modes of sale, auctions and private treaty sales.

Auctions are our preferred method of sale as it allows for competitive bidding and results in better monetary value for the seller. It also allows the buyer to buy at a price that the buyer is willing to pay, rather than dictating a price to the bidders.

Private treaty sales are also used however they are not a competitive process. This process establishes a price at which the asset is to be sold and it is our purpose to source a buyer for the asset at the price that the seller has determined.



Live onsite auctions are most common in the world today. This is because this method of auction has been around for more than 100 years and people are familiar with the processes involved. Both buyers and sellers have confidence in the process. The only drawback for the bidder is the amount of time spent attending the live auction. There are also drawbacks for sellers in that strangers must be allowed onto the premises of the seller in order to participate in the auction and this can have security and health and safety issues.



Online auctions are replacing live onsite auctions in almost every country in the world. This is no different within South Africa. This is because selling online has some added benefits that a live auction cannot deliver, convenience, time saving, cost saving, economies of scale plus many more.

Because bidders can attend an online auction using familiar technologies, it makes the auction process less intimidating especially to bidders who are new to the auction process. It also attracts the next generation of bidders, those that do the bulk of their purchasing using the convenience of online shopping. This allows the current technology infused generation to attend auctions, which they do not if they are forced to attend a live onsite auction.

It also attracts the next generation of bidders, those that do the bulk of their purchasing online. These buyers do not attend live onsite auctions and thus do not participate in live onsite auctions thus reducing the number of potential bidders on an auction.

Because live onsite auctions do not attract most of the current generation of bidders, this reduces the number of attendees at a live onsite auction and thus makes it difficult to achieve true market values for the assets on sale, thereby making online auctions the method of auction sale of the future.

Because online auctions are not limited to a geographical area, they allow bidders from all over the country or even the planet to purchase assets listed on an auction. This enables a bidder that resides in one province to make a purchase in another province without having to incur the costs of attending a live onsite auction.

Online Auctions will never entirely replace live auctions however due to the desire to reduce the cost of an auction and the fact that a bidder has limited time, online auctions are starting to become increasingly more popular.



4 Dimension Auctions has our own in-house liquidators with the necessary legal experience to handle all forced sale processes e.g. liquidations, sequestrations, deceased estates, divorce estates, etc. We pride ourselves in providing the correct advice to the insolvent, trustees, etc taking into account the unique criteria of every matter that we handle.

We also have our own inhouse Business Rescue Practitioner. This allows us to provide a one stop, comprehensive solution when placing a company into Business Rescue.


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Products and Services

4 Dimension Auctions offers a comprehensive set of solutions for the management and disposal of various asset types using auction and private treaty as our primary disposal methods.



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About Us

4 Dimension Auctions is an asset disposal company which provides custom solutions delivered in a professional manner to the specification of the customer.

4 Dimension Auctions boasts a team of managers and staff that have a combined experience of more than 50 years in the industry. It is this vast experience which allows us to introduce to the market new and innovative ideas and practices which directly benefit sellers and buyers alike.

We believe “no one knows or understands your business better than you do”, it is with this statement in mind that 4 Dimension Auctions approaches its dealings with sellers. It is this philosophy that directs us to work with our sellers to ensure that their requirements are included in the 4 Dimension Auctions project process.

Our core business is the disposal of assets on behalf of our sellers. Our belief is that we are in a partnership with our sellers to ensure that the seller receives the best value for their assets. To ensure that the relationship between ourselves and the seller is mutually beneficial, we do not directly or indirectly compete with our sellers in the market place.

Being a company of integrity, we ensure that all bidders attending an auction are given the best opportunity to purchase assets in an open and honest environment. We do not compete with bidders at our auctions which includes using various underhanded methods to try and boost the sales price of assets being sold.

We consider ourselves disposal professionals and because of this we believe that to advise the seller correctly we need to become an integral part of the disposal process, to be able to add value to the process ensuring that the assets being sold return the best value possible for the seller.

4 Dimension Auctions’ understanding of “time is money” is why we are always trying to improve our auctions to ensure that the buyer’s experience is obstacle free and that there is no wasted time spent attending our auctions.



We are proud to be a 100% black owned making us a level 1 B-BBEE partner.  We are proud to be a transformed company and as a transformed company, we are proud drivers of transformation and support all empowerment initiatives as initiated by the State and corporate companies that support us.

Even though we are a transformed company, we don’t see this as an excuse to give a substandard service to our customers. We dispel the argument that a transformed company cannot deliver a professional and proper service to its clients.

Our management team are humble individuals that are always ready and willing to assist our customers. We strive to provide the same standard of service to all our customers large and small alike.



4 Dimension is a forward-thinking company that integrates new innovative technologies that enhance our business efficiency and improves our delivery of services to our customers.

Where the technology we require exists we readily embrace this. If our technological demands are not able to be met using existing technologies, we make the necessary investment into the creation of these technologies.

Our team includes members that have the necessary expertise in implementing technology in the workplace to enhance productivity and ensure that the clients’ interaction with 4 Dimension Auctions is a simple and painless experience.


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