NTI - Busses, Sedans, Bakkies


+/-50 Busses. Various Sedans and Bakkies.

NOTE: In the instance where a LOT has a vehicle and a separate engine and/or gearbox as part of the lot, i.e. the engine and/or gearbox is NOT in the vehicle, the allocated engine may not have the same engine number as the NATIS documents of the vehicle.

Download Notice to Bidders for important information about participation on the auction.

Download Buyer Catalogue here.

  •   Nov 25 @ 1:00am SAST (Start)
  •   Nov 26 @ 3:00pm SAST (End)
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NTI - Busses, Sedans, Bakkies

Notice to Bidders

Important participation information for the bidders.

Buyer Catalgoue

Buyer Catalogue


By clicking on accept, you, the bidder, bind yourself to the full Rules of Auction, not only the rules as displayed, for this auction and hereby request to be added to the Bidders Record. You also give consent for 4 Dimension Auctions to use this auction's information in any marketing material or campaign conducted by 4 Dimension Auctions.

The highlighted rules below are just an extract of the Special Rules of Auction for this auction and are not all the rules that apply to this auction.

  1. All bidders are bound to the Rules of Auction when accepting this message.
  2. A registration deposit is required before being allowed to participate on this auction. The amount of the deposit can be found in the Notice to Bidders for the specific auction.
  3. All bidders must email to 4 Dimension Auctions their proof of ID and proof of physical address for registration.
  4. The bid price is subject to the addition of VAT, unless specified otherwise in the Notice to Bidders.
  5. The amount of the commission can be found in the Notice to Bidders for this specific auction.
  6. A documentation fee will be added to the bid price of each vehicle. The amount of the documentation fee can be found in the Notice to Bidders for this specific auction.
  7. The purchaser is responsible for all outstanding license fees for vehicles purchased.
  8. The bidder with the highest bid will be delcared the purchaser.
  9. The bidder will pay the full invoice value upon the receipt of the invoice, without delay.
  10. No goods will be dispatched to the purchaser until the full invoice value has been paid.
  11. No cash payment will be accepted.
  12. No items will be moved from one invoice to another.

DISCLAIMER: Please ensure that you take note of the condition of the item/s that you are considering purchasing. There will be no refunds or cancellations for items purchased that are unsuitable for the purpose for which they were purchased or the condition that they are in.

Rules of Auction available here

Online Bidding Procedure