Project planning and management is another important facet of an auction sale. 4 Dimension Auctions' auction administrators are trained in project management to ensure that they have the necessary skills to ensure that the auction is completed on time and that all deliverables are achieved.



Successful movables auctions require the cataloguing process to be done properly. There are various strategies around the layout of assets for an auction which we implement to get the best result.

In the new age of online auctions, cataloguing has taken on a new and more important role in that the catalogue is what sells the assets. To ensure that we give the buyer the power to make a purchasing decision, we have implemented new systems and processes to ensure that our catalogues are of the highest standard within the industry.



4 Dimension Auctions has developed a substantial list of asset enhancement services which are selectively implemented at every auction.

Our asset enhancement services are designed to enhance the value of the assets being sold and can be customised around a sellers’ requirement, where the seller wishes to enhance the value of the assets in a specific way.



For efficient and effective live onsite auctions, we have developed a proprietary Auction Clerking System that facilitates fast and efficient handling of the auction administration process and the post auction reporting.

In the age of the internet and online purchasing and realising that this new way of doing business had to be embraced, 4 Dimension Auctions investigated various online platforms to identify the platform that would best fit our operating environment.

We have invested in a new online technology which works together with our smartphone app. This makes bidding easier for the bidder. It also allows the user of the app to receive notifications about our upcoming auctions and real-time details of auctions that are currently underway.

We have invested in a comprehensive asset tracking system to allow us to monitor and manage the assets that are placed into our care for storage or disposal.